We are dedicated to improving the health of the poor in Viet Nam.
We focus on helping the poor to begin to build a better life for them and their family.
We advocate compassion and service to the poor and suffering.

We respect the culture and traditions in the areas that we serve.
We appreciate the different cultures and backgrounds of the people in VNMAP.
We encourage the exchange of cultural values.

Knowledge and Education
We understand the importance of health education in health prevention.
We promote an open learning environment for VNMAP’s participants to enhance their knowledge in medicine, public health, and global health.
We encourage health survey research in order to gain further insight on the health problems in Viet Nam.

Collaboration and Cooperation
We respect each other's thoughts and ideas.
We focus on the quality of work rather than quantity.
We advocate open communication to address any conflicts.
We do our volunteer work with honesty and integrity.

We understand that a leader is built to serve.
We know the important role of leaders and appreciate them for stepping to the front line to help us accomplish our goals.
We encourage leaders to apply latest technology in our program’s works.

Expectations for all VNMAP’s Participants

Be respectful to all people in VNMAP
Represent VNMAP professionally
Complete your work in a timely and precise manner
Allow no unstructured activities to be done without notifying our leader(s)
Do not let personal issues affect your professional work
Commit to brief, clear, and frequent communication among teams and committee members
Open communication in all organizational problems and conflicts
Do not take on more tasks than you can handle
Ask for help if you need it
Be a great team player